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Some Tabletop Games I made, Forgot About


These are some old single page tabletop role play games I made a long time ago! Out of all of them I think Rock, Paper, Scissors, Cells is the most interesting.

Space Vixens

One page tabletop RPG, uses playing cards, one six sided die.

Space Vixens 3rd Edition (PDF)

Problems with this is it feels to automatic.

Rock, Paper, Scissors, Cells

One page tabletop RPG, uses one six sided die, and game maps composed of cells. Plans to eventually release some playing maps along with other expansions. I've played it with friends and it's fun, easy, and quick; we used a chess board to play, with pawns representing traps, and other pieces marking our players.<

Rock, Paper, Scissors (PDF, Version I)

IndexCard RPG

Minimal tabletop RPG rules which fit on 5x3 inch index cards. Includes expansion cards and tools to create more rules. I played this a lot with friends, it is fun for quick duels, but the majority of strategy is in how you build your character. IndexCard RPG on GitHub.

I actually built a script to test how balanced the game is, at some point.