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HoloJam: My Game Creator Jam 3 Submission


HoloJam is a game I made in under two days for Game Creator Jam 3. The theme of the game jam was "slime," so I knew I had to participate. HoloJam is based on my feels/dreams and it plays like a Japanese RPG (I was particularly inspired by the progression of Dragon Warrior 1). This game is really good because these wonderful artists/developers helped me create it:

Fighting a scary mutant

You play "Jam," a slime girl living on the Big Cheese, tasked with saving the slime princess. You must venture the holographic world, fighting off mutated humans, flying a holo ship, and saving the princess, of course.

Fun facts about this turn-based RPG:

Fighting a human mutant with a big head.

Pay what you want/name your own price to download Holojam now! (even free/$0)! Works on Linux, Mac, Windows!

In the News

Featured on Vice Waypoint


WOW! On April 24 HoloJam was featured on Vice Waypoint, shortly after GC Jam 3! "A Violent and Dreamlike JRPG Set in the Final-est Frontier: Glitchspace" by Daniel Riendeau:

‘HoloJam’ is a wild, glitchy RPG set in a very weird place. A lot of games boast dreamlike imagery or "dream logic" or claim that they can recapture the power and weirdness of dreams. That's a dragon I personally chase when I seek surreal, escapist entertainment in games, and it is the inspiration for HoloJam, a colorful, glitchscape RPG based on creator SlimeMaid's dreams.

Rock Paper Shotgun

On April 22 HoloJam is mentioned on Rock Paper Shotgun, in an article called "Free Loaders: The Quick and the Dad," for their ongoing "best free PC games of the week" series. I really liked how they described the game's aesthetic:

The blurb for (HoloJam) promises that it only uses eight colours “throughout entire game” but it certainly doesn’t feel that way. This looks like a rainbow vomited into a Nintendo cartridge and the cartridge somehow still functioned when slotted in.


Colors, the aesthetic

Where you start!

HoloJam uses an aesthetic I've been playing around with for a while. HoloJam only uses 8 colors throughout the entire game, respectively:

  1. #db4645 (red)
  2. #e027aa (purple)
  3. #08ea4a (green)
  4. #06e3c2 (light blue/turqoise)
  5. #4c41d4 (indigo/blue)
  6. #bab099 (light grey)
  7. #e0bb23 (yellow)
  8. #2f3e32 (dark grey)

all the colors used in holojam

I made a lot of the larger stuff in GIMP. GIMP makes it really easy to create a palette manually or automatically from image. GIMP also does a great job at indexing colors of an image, using a gradient to do more with less!

Game Jam Outcome

I didn't win the game jam, but Papercookies, who got second place for their submission "Slaunch," left this lovely review on my submission:

Holy heck. This game is good. I can't believe you did this in jam time. Super interesting aesthetic and very unique but also really fun. ... A nice saving system and lots to see. ... 9.5/10

It felt nice to finally get a game out there which people could download. I think having a deadline helped with that considerably. Above all else, it was really nice to meet new people, art/dev friends.


HoloJam is on GitHub.

I created HoloJam with OHRRPGCE. Again, special thanks to the OHRRPGCE devs Bob the Hamster and tmc, on EsperNet IRC #slimesalad channel. You can talk to them through your web browser, just go to the EsperNet Web Chat and connect to the #slimesalad channel.