o! u found me

transarchitecture Commission


Comissioned piece for Di Theis' project "transarchitecture.". The original line art found when randomly paging through the "shemale" tag on some doujin/hentai site. Associated blurb:

I found out that I could be a qt dick girl through tranny smut like the source material of this image and on 4chan. My autotranniphilia fully realized my self and understanding of my own womanhood. After talking to the "traps," or "trannies" in these communities, who too found themselves through this kind of smut and objectification, having fucked them with my own objectification and fetishization, was shown to be a tranny, myself.

Below is the safe for work thumbnail; click it to see the full (contains nudity!) version:

Art piece by SlimeMaid for

View the art piece on the official "transarchitecture" page