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How do marginalized people self-organize? Generative Justice provides an outline of self-empowerment for marginalized members of society, which takes many forms. Consensus-based worker collectives are one such form of Generative Justice, providing unalienable coownership of an organization. However, despite being a seemingly powerful form for Generative Justice, worker collectives remain a severely under-researched topic. This article aims to provide a platform which clarifies the terminology and concepts relevant to worker collectives, but also to utilize anecdotes, as a founder of three consensus-based worker collectives for transgender women, in order to demonstrate how consensus-based worker collectives are a feasible, effective model for Generative Justice. I also include specific implementations of, and the tools for, worker collectives for Generative Justice.

Worker Collectives for Generative Justice @ (2017-02-22)

Emamouse is making songs for my game Spirit Zones, so I gratefully customize/develop tumblr theme for her! Check it out! Fancier effects on laptop.

emamouse's blog @ (2017-03-23)

This is the first draft of a tabletop RPG I've been working on! It's supposed to be really simple, but fun! I actually included illustrations in this one! This is just a first draft, so I encourage you to make comments, suggestions, that sort of thing! Thanks!

Lazer Death: First Draft Debut @ (2017-03-23)

In the section below, titled Dream Log from 2015-10-17 is a description of the dream I had on that date, I wrote it as soon as I woke up. I wrote that log about two years ago, It is the seed of inspiration for Spirit Zones.

The Dream that Started Spirit Zones @ (2017-10-17)

What have you experienced with regard to identifying as a trap around other trans people, imo traps are a somewhat non binary thing, but you can be a girl and a trap at the same time, traps prioritize aesthetic cuteness as self image or whatever.

Being a Trap (Question & Answer) @ (2018-01-14)